Sara Sitton

Sara helps organizations to get the very best from their people and build a culture of engagement and performance. After creating and managing a successful learning start-up in her 20s, she skilled herself in organizational development including designing learning experiences that stick. With over 10 years of leadership experience in the financial services space, growing and developing talent, she is happy to talk with you to see how we can design a scalable and measurable learning solution that provides tangible change to you and your organization.

“For me, leadership and creativity are about a state of mind; being flexible, adapting to changes and looking for the most valuable solutions together. I am practical, I like to get things done by focusing and working together. By creating cohesion, we will realize small to large goals together based on vision, strategy and connection”

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Arjan Postma

At Minkowski Arjan designs and facilitates strategy sessions and leadership programs with a focus on Futures Studies, Unconventional Thinking & Breakthrough Strategies. He has a long history in helping organizations build actionable strategies and a thriving culture.

“The Minkowski family is for me a great partnership where we can all create more impact together, learn from the many disciplines available and all try to set each-other (and especially the client) up for success.”

Willemijn Maria de Beer

As Minkowski project manager, Willemijn Maria supports the team and our clients with the ongoing business and programs.

“Within Minkowski I am happy to pro-actively support the team with organizing what’s needed in order to have everything run smoothly.”

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Kim Durieux

Kim is endlessly fascinated by human behavior and joined Minkowski to facilitate the change that we need while heading into our futures. To do so, she’s been facilitating design thinking and creative thinking programs in many shapes within different industries over the past few years.

“I see life itself as a creative process and want to facilitate change to help others have more positive impact – on themselves, their fellow humans and the Earth. Being able to do this with Minkowski is a true blessing.”

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Herman Weeda

Herman is a strategic designer and visual storyteller, Herman combines his design thinking expertise and strong visualisation skills with his experience of facilitating numerous co-creation workshops, projects and processes. In his work he breaks down complex problems into clear images, which he uses to build new visual concepts, stories and strategies. Because he believes that creating a better world starts with imagining it.

“I truly believe that a better world starts with imagining it. That is what I add to Minkowski’s approach: by combining futures thinking with visual imagination you can change the world for the better.”

Celine Janssen

Céline Janssen is an ‘Opera Innovator’. Through her work as an artist (opera soprano and theater maker) she is always looking for connection and interaction. At Minkowski, she strives to create experiences for everyone to feel like a member of an opera choir, a large orchestra, or as a conductor.

“Being a member of a choir or orchestra is about seeking harmony and harmonizing with each other, while being a conductor (the maestro) is about taking leadership. I love to help people orchestrate their own futures and find the balance between these two aspects!”

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Eva Maršálková

Eva is an experienced project manager with an expertise in leading large scale projects. Eva is passionate about making a group of people with different skills work together in the best possible way. Making sure each excels in their own expertise. This entails having a deep understanding in how people communicate, being decisive at the right moment, being optimistic and perseverant.

“It’s now more important than ever for companies to activate their future readiness. I’m excited to help clients achieve that at Minkowski”

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