Chef Erling

Chef Erling is Minkowski’s culinary chef. He connects people by sharing food stories and offers custom made food programs for participants during events. He always creates the right combinations of food to get the best energy that will empower participants.

“I love being part of Minkowski and their wonderful team of people, who are shaking up companies in creating  better futures. Together with their teachings I hope to create awareness that positively impacts the health and overall wellbeing of participants.”

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Charlotte van Veelen

Charlotte is an experience designer and program manager. She supports the lead facilitators of our programs in design and delivery and focuses on continuously improving the participants’ experience and learning journeys.

“It is amazing to see how driven people are to create better futures. With Minkowski, hopefully we give more people the ability to activate these motivations into driving the change they wish to see.”

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Cato Verhaart

Cato is a brand builder. She helps to guard, communicate and grow the Minkowski brand, internally and externally.

“At Minkowski we want to help and enable others to build better futures (together). I am here to make sure we stay true to that, and everyone knows about it.”

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Jörgen van der Sloot

Jörgen has helped numerous organizations to get breakthroughs in their thinking and in their perspective on the future. He has collaborated with many internationally operating organizations and has hosted sessions for groups ranging in size from 3 people to 300 people, from boardroom to classroom. Jörgen founded Minkowski in October 2017.

“I’ve founded Minkowski because I don’t think there is just one way to make change last. The collaboration with everyone at Minkowski and the sharing of tools and methodology as well as experience and skills creates an inspiring environment where we are all learning how to build better futures with our clients.”

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Cathalijne Bol-Oudijk

Cathalijne is an experienced leadership development coach and transformation facilitator. She supports leaders and teams in taking action based on connecting with themselves and others, leveraging their core strengths and committing to the future they want to create. At Minkowski she works with individuals and teams who want to make a positive impact on the world around them by developing an inclusive mindset and finding purpose in their work.

“With Minkowski I help leaders and organizations transform mindsets and behaviors to create growth and become Future(s) Ready. I love how in our work strategic focus, creativity, organizational aspects and the psychological side of human motivation all come together.”

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Alexandre Janssen

Alexandre has over fifteen years of experience in applying innovation within organizations; whether it is about the structure, the KPI’s, the process or the people and the cultural element. Alexandre co-founded Minkowski and works with the organization as a board member since 2018.

“At Minkowski, not only do I design and facilitate (online) sessions, I’m also there to ensure the organization is running smoothly. I work with our associates to provide a long-lasting impact for our clients.”

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Erik Kepper

Erik is leading the strategy & organization development programs at Minkowski. He has almost 20 years of business, innovation and change experience with companies like Google/YouTube, RTL Group and E-Commerce mobility. Trained by Google’s Magic Academy he has years of experience in guiding & facilitating many brands and groups in creative innovation projects.. Erik is well-known for building bridges between the known and the unknown with an overall belief that ‘magic’ lies in combining a clear and sound mission with a strong eye for human behavior and a cultural climate that brings magical success out of a visionary idea.

“let’s strive for flow’! Flow is the state of living your life, steering your company and letting teams function in the absolut present. You can achieve a state of flow by living in accordance with an authentic vision and purpose.”

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Sara Horvath

Sara accompanies our clients on their leadership and organization development programs. She is a connector by listening to the needs and desired outcomes, feeding back and enabling a smooth journey for all stakeholders. Sara is happy and proud to play a role in enabling one million Einsteins. 

“Creating better futures for a more sustainable, more compassionate and more peaceful planet with satisfied communities makes me dream and makes my heart beat faster!”

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Herman Knevel

Herman is a strategic conceptual thinker and driver for change and innovation. He has extensive experience in running business and teams, and designing & executing outsourcing partnerships. He is passionate about corporate startups and initiator of multiple open innovation programs for both corporates and startups.

“With Minkowski I strive to challenge the status quo of people in organizations and help them to think differently about the future. I stimulate them to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset in everything they do.”