Examples of our work


Eventbrite | Strategy Design

Data is the new oil’ has become the mantra in many organizations. But the question is not so much about the data that you have (although that is relevant as well), but more what you want to accomplish with that data. For this client we co-designed and facilitated a one day program to get the whole executive team to co-creatively develop a data strategy for the organization.

SU EP video

DLL | Leadership Training

Disrupt or be disrupted that’s the question. The finance vendor DLL is very much aware of that question and would like to be on the disruptive side of an answer. But to get there requires a new mindset for the company. We designed a program for the top 300 leaders at DLL to train them on leading in exponentially changing times and developing the capabilities to become a company of disruptors.

Some of our thinking

Four skills post-COVID

Future Literacy We would rather say: futures literacy, adding an additional ‘s’ to the word future as there is not just one single future. Or at least, there is not at this moment in time: there are multiple possible paths going into the future. Imagining and dissecting these paths to identify what the crucial stepping […]

Transformation is impossible… or not?

In the projects I’m involved in at Minkowksi I usually run into two kinds of people. There are those who believe they can change the world (or less ambitious variations of change) and that the companies they work for can change. And then there are those who don’t believe that (big) companies can change and transform. They believe that […]

1000 Moonshots

This week we’re launching a new initiative of Minkowski called ‘1000 moonshots‘. We believe that we need some more unconventional thinking to solve some of the world’s most urgent problems. Moonshot thinking is a widely known approach to aim high and develop bold ideas that can impact the world. There are many examples out there […]