Some of our thinking

2020: start of the era of less

It’s the end of the year: a time of reflection. We are about to enter the year 2020. A year that has been a future horizon in many strategic sessions I’ve hosted over the past 15 years. And now we are there…close to a future once imagined. Something has been in the back of my […]

The impact of seeing yourself for 15 months

The impact of in-your-face-video More than ever before our attention has shifted from our bodies to our faces, or perhaps everything from the shoulders up. And this will continue. I would argue that we haven’t seen the end of living in a world of pandemics yet and that more of these periods will happen in […]

Yesterday’s tomorrow

The future is ever changing and it can feel daunting to think about what might happen next or how to adapt as a person or organization to the changes that will occur. What can you do to identify patterns for the future? One thing is to make things smaller and start training a futures mindset […]