Current projects

Aside from our client projects we have developed special formats that we are hosting on a regular basis for different audiences. Some of these formats are open for participation to anyone. Others are hosted upon request or are by invitation only. If you want to collaborate on any of them, get in touch with us.


10 Tips for Online workshops

Minkowski has been designing and facilitating workshops for years. Based on our experiences and additional research, we have written down 10 crucial design principles that can be implemented in any type of online workshop for it to be (more) successful. These will help you in successfully designing and moderating online workshops. The principles each contain links to (scientific) articles for further background reading.



The RE:START program is a two-day immersive think and do lab in collaboration with Columbia University School of the Arts and the Digital Storytelling Lab. It is designed to help participants develop solutions for restarting their business in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, across private, public and nonprofit sectors. The inaugural lab will be run on December 16 & 17 2020 and participation in the program will get you a statement of accomplishment of the School of the Arts. READ MORE  

Some of our thinking

Without empathy there is no collaboration

The other week I was asked to talk about collaboration at a company with a group of architects. They were trying to cross the boundaries of their silo’ed departments more often in an attempt to become more innovative. They’d tried many things but none of them really stuck. One of the reasons for this, as […]

‘Future proof’ means ‘not ready for the future’

Adapting to change The future is always changing. Whether you like it or not: change is a constant. As the future can not be predicted, the best way to prepare for a future is to embrace the possibilities that lie ahead of you. In our work at Minkowski we help organizations map these possibilities in […]

Facilitate don’t participate

Over the last few years, ever since I first published this article, people have asked me over and over again to write a translation of it in English. Better late than never! As I was preparing for my summer holiday break I thought I’d republish and translate some articles from before. Here’s a first translated […]