Current projects

Aside from our client projects we have developed special formats that we are hosting on a regular basis for different audiences. Some of these formats are open for participation to anyone. Others are hosted upon request or are by invitation only. If you want to collaborate on any of them, get in touch with us.


10 Tips for Online workshops

Minkowski has been designing and facilitating workshops for years. Based on our experiences and additional research, we have written down 10 crucial design principles that can be implemented in any type of online workshop for it to be (more) successful. These will help you in successfully designing and moderating online workshops. The principles each contain links to (scientific) articles for further background reading.

SU EP video

Online program

Recently, we delivered SingularityU's 3,5 day Executive Program fully online. In just 10 days we had to re-design the offline program to an online experienc. The challenge was to keep participants engaged online throughout 3,5 days. By applying our MOOC principles, we were able to deliver an amazing experience for all participants.

Some of our thinking

The effects of virtual closeness and physical distancing

A fascinating thing is taking root in our societies these days. For years we’ve heard complaints about people loosing touch with the localities they live in while taking refuge in (sometimes extreme) online environments. It was often said that nobody knows their neighbor anymore, but that everyone could find like minded people online creating these […]

The beauty of this pandemic

I’m writing this from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where the schools have been closed for at least three weeks and almost everyone is working from home. Only the most vital functions in society are still fully operational: people in healthcare, educators, law enforcement, fire brigades, government, etc. I’m sure most of you across the globe are […]

The delusion of digital transformation

Is there a project in your company around digital transformation? I’m guessing that most of you are involved in, have heard of, or have been in a digital transformation program by now. If you haven’t, then your company is probably going to loose in the short term. At least, that is what people tell you. […]