Current projects

Aside from our client projects we have developed special formats that we are hosting on a regular basis for different audiences. Some of these formats are open for participation to anyone. Others are hosted upon request or are by invitation only. If you want to collaborate on any of them, get in touch with us.


RE:SET Leadership Program

The Corona-crisis hit the world overnight. In most parts around the world the impact on our daily lives was never expected to be as big as it turned out to be. We will live in a ‘new normal’ for years to come. The personal (virtual) RE:SET program of 3pd and Minkowski helps business leaders to reflect on the recent past, learn from the present and develop a new course of action for the future. READ MORE


The RE:START program is a two-day immersive think and do lab in collaboration with Columbia University School of the Arts and the Digital Storytelling Lab. It is designed to help participants develop solutions for restarting their business in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, across private, public and nonprofit sectors. The inaugural lab will be run on November 18 & 19 2020 and participation in the program will get you a statement of accomplishment of the School of the Arts. READ MORE  

Some of our thinking

The delusion of digital transformation

Is there a project in your company around digital transformation? I’m guessing that most of you are involved in, have heard of, or have been in a digital transformation program by now. If you haven’t, then your company is probably going to loose in the short term. At least, that is what people tell you. […]

Agile is good. Agility is better

How to achieve agility apart from using agile methodologies Agile is not a silver bullet Don’t get me wrong. I am a big advocate for agile methodologies. From the start I was involved in initiatives within ING that led to the successful agile transformation based on the Spotify model. This ‘agile way of working’, with […]

To change behavior: see before you act

When I was in junior high one of my teachers taught me to ‘never say what you don’t want to do’, because subconsciously you can not deal with that. Apparently it will plant a seed in your head leading you to do exactly what you didn’t want to do. In Dutch (and I don’t know […]