Recent work

Retail Agenda 2025

Nationale Retail Agenda - Routekaart 2025

How to collaborate and envision the future of retail with 20 stakeholders from different organizations? In a short, intense program we facilitated 4 online sessions in which we collaboratively defined the future of retail and a roadmap for the organization for the next year(s).


Unilever - Spark for Growth

How can you make 700 e-commerce leads from across the globe think and act differently? Together with the Unilever team, we held an activating session on ‘Why innovation is all about you’. Of course change is about processess within the organization, but at the end is about creating 'Einstein's' that look at the world through a different lens.

Some of our thinking

Nobody knows Minkowski, but everyone knows Einstein

At Minkowski we always say: “nobody knows Minkowski, but everyone knows Einstein“. We use this statement as an illustration for something that is at the core of who we are and what we hope to accomplish in our work. Our work is not about us, it is about the people we help and work with. […]

The effects of virtual closeness and physical distancing

A fascinating thing is taking root in our societies these days. For years we’ve heard complaints about people loosing touch with the localities they live in while taking refuge in (sometimes extreme) online environments. It was often said that nobody knows their neighbor anymore, but that everyone could find like minded people online creating these […]

The beauty of this pandemic

I’m writing this from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where the schools have been closed for at least three weeks and almost everyone is working from home. Only the most vital functions in society are still fully operational: people in healthcare, educators, law enforcement, fire brigades, government, etc. I’m sure most of you across the globe are […]