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More impactful off sites, strategy days, brainstorms and meetings

For many of you the summer holiday break is coming up. In a few weeks time when you get back from your break you will all feel re-energized and ready to jump back into things at work. In our experience a lot of organizations start planning for their offsites (big and small) soon after the […]

From best practice to next practice

Transformation of organizations might be one of the most difficult things to do. Complex systems (like an organization) have a tendency to be very resilient. Which means that they revert back to an old stable state quickly; or the force needed to disrupt and change the system has to be very big. In order to […]

Kickstart for a successful meeting

In a few weeks the end of the summer holiday is coming, which means that you are all getting back to work again. As a last republished post in this summer series I thought it would be helpful to translate the one on how you can start a meeting and make the outcome more successful […]