Who was Minkowski?

Hermann Minkowski was a German mathematician and Albert Einstein’s teacher. He formulated the idea that the position of a particle in the future has a real time coordinate of space and time that is dependent on where it has been before. The only possible directions it can take lie within a space-time continuum that is called the light cone. We use this idea to help organizations step into the future and take action. Nobody knows Minkowski, but everyone knows Einstein. That is exactly what our role should be as well: we are here to enable others to make history by changing the future. READ MORE ABOUT THIS

How does Minkowski work?

We always work in close collaboration with our clients to design a process of co-creation that allows them to take action. Because if you don't act now, your future will never be the same again. The Minkowski platform provides access to customized programs, tools, training, and to facilitation professionals worldwide. We are a growing community of practice of applied futures thinking to enable organizations to transform sustainably:

Awakening your organization

The associates of Minkowski can facilitate any type of session to awaken your organization, your clients or your community to a changing future. Whether it is for a small group of people, for executive teams or large audiences, we can help. Read more

Assessing your limiting beliefs

A changing future can have a big impact on the way you do business. The agency for applied futures can design a customized program for you to assess how your core beliefs and your strategy will be challenged and what is needed to adapt to it. Read more

Accelerating an organizational change

Applied Futures thinking can greatly enhance your organization's effectiveness in adapting to change. If done right a new way of seeing the world can accelerate your pace of change. But it takes guidance and training to do this. Read more

Activating transformation

If you are unable to turn your ideas about the future into reality you will never be able to change your organization. The agency for applied futures can help you transform by co-creating the future with you and activate it inside your organization. Read more

Approaching the future

Everything we do, we apply in practice...with you. We call this 'applied futures'. It means that we work with tools and methodolgy that help you to translate any idea about the future into something you can start activating in your organization today. Read more

What are some examples of Minkowski's work?


What are people saying about Minkowski?

  • "Jörgen has exceptional qualities. His well balanced nature and approach creates personal, open, energetic and safe spaces for people to reimagine and recreate their organization and lives. He is an expert in creating the right flow across various topics and days, combining a broad-ranging knowledge with top-facilitation skills. His deep experience makes it seem effortless, we know he's fully vested and always well prepared. We will involve him as much as possible in our programs."
    Diederick Croese
    CEO SingularityU The Netherlands
  • "I've attended many management training programs. With Yvette, you truly get something different, it's 'not another' workshop like so many. The set up is clever and is tightly guided, which led to a truly different perspective and very valuable solutions for our organisation in a very limited amount of time."
    Sander Leenders
    Managing director Essent
  • "It’s rare that you get to collaborate with someone so well matched to our training programs needs as Jörgen Between April and June 2017 I had the pleasure of working with Jörgen to upgrade our teacher training program. I was particularly impressed by how well Jörgen was able to get to the core of the training's aims and offer alternative strategies to get us there. His years of experience in guiding groups and teams show. I look forward to working with him again".
    Emer Beamer
    Founder, Designathon Works
  • "You know that feeling when you meet someone and connect at a level that makes you feel like this is one of those connections you want to hold onto? Well, that’s the feeling I got when I met Niels. Niels is a savvy business leader with a keen eye for digital transformation and disruption. He understands the ins and outs of what an organization must go through in order to transform into a digital era and understands that driving sales in an organization is the oxygen that fuels innovation."
    Chris Baldwin
    Speaker & Change Agent
  • "I've had the pleasure to work with Yvette in a 2-day innovation workshop. I was impressed by the way she managed to involve, guide and activate all participants in this proces, finishing with very useful results to implement in the organisation. She showed very energetic and sympathic leadership skills in doing this. Yvette's strengths lies in the positive approach she manifests in reaching out to every participant, so they each feel appreciated to contribute to the session. At the same time she manages to give strategically valuable input for the discussions, and makes sure there is enough progress in the process to get to meaningful end results. Fantastic!"
    Natasha Walk
    Data Hacker & Entrepreneur - WK Analytics
  • "Jörgen is a true master in design-facilitation. His unique understanding of Technology, Design and Organizational Adoption/Impact make him perfectly positioned to drive Creative innovation initiatives in any organization. I have been in many sessions facilitated by Jörgen, and even when it looks like the group will not find its way out of the complexity of the design challenge, in the end Jörgen is always able to get outcomes, actions, and ambitions aligned."
    Okke Tissing
    CIO KPN ICT Consulting
  • “Yvette assisted us in bringing minds from different offices to work on our strategy and purpose. This helped us tremendously to frame our marketing and communication actions. She has a clear way of facilitating, by pushing us beyond our current things, and at the same time giving room to make things tangible very quickly. She has a way of coming up with at least 5 solutions to every challenge"
    Marloes Noppen
    Symbiotics Netherlands
  • "High energy & impact; connecting the dots; being present but not stealing the show - a fine balance which Jörgen masters so well; authentic; adding value as an individual, team and programme level"
    Marika Arvelid
    Head of People Development innogy
  • "It was a pleasure working with Jörgen for a SingluarityU event on digital transformation for Shell. Jörgen is effective through building strong relations. He listened well to requirements upfront to ensure he can create impact with his audience. He's got a great engaging style of facilitation with respect for people at all parts of the scale (skeptics to champions). He is able to motivate a group and creates clear food for thought."
    Saskia Mureau
    GM Digital - B2B Business at Shell
  • "It was a pleasure for me to work with Margriet on the KPN Digital Dutch Xperience. Margriet is capable of connecting the dots between innovate ideas, analyses and visual creation. Margriet is also helping KPN to become a Design Thinking company, she and her team gave us good guidance and tools to run workshops in the DDX on a Design Thinking basis. She is concerned from the start until the finish and even beyond."
    Mark Engel
    KPN ICT Consulting