Recent work

Brunel BLDP

Brunel | Leadership Development Program

Should you be future proof or Future(s) ready?
Together with our partner SingularityU, we are running a 9 months (online) program for 40 participants from the leadership. In four semesters, we are working with them to make history by changing the future.

IAB Conference

Rotterdam Partners | Future of MICE events

The MICE industry (Meetings, Icentives, Conferences & Exhibitions) has been impacted hard by the pandemic. Together with Rotterdam Partners, we designed and facilitated several online sessions in order to explore the future of business events. Read the full report here

Some of our thinking

Creating better futures

Two weeks ago, we organized a first MeetUp on how to purposefully guide your organization towards a better future. Participants shared their insights, which resulted in valuable conversations. One of the participants rightfully observed, “You cannot change others, but you can bring about change in others”. As an individual in an organization, it is essential […]

Solutions for the lessera: less is more?

Somebody responded to my previous post asking me whether doing less was not automatically leading to doing more of something else? Eating less meat, means you eat more vegetables. Driving less in a car, means you bike more. Less days of education for your kids, means you get to spend more time with your kids. Even though this is […]

2020: start of the era of less

It’s the end of the year: a time of reflection. We are about to enter the year 2020. A year that has been a future horizon in many strategic sessions I’ve hosted over the past 15 years. And now we are there…close to a future once imagined. Something has been in the back of my […]