Developing digital leaders

How to grasp opportunities around digitalization as an enabler to shape the acceleration of the energy transition in Europe?

For one of the largest energy networks and distribution companies in Europe, we developed a program that supports their 2000 leaders in digitizing their business. Accelerating the energy transition by digitalization is only as successful as the people driving the actual change. That is why it is crucial to empower leaders to use the potential of technology in their business.

European Energy Networks company

What’s in it for them

Being able to lead the energy transition by embracing the digital strategy and connecting it to the business of the leaders.

Employees learning how technologies can help run their business in a better, more efficient and futures ready way.

Established mindset shift in understanding the need for digitizing the business and where and how to start with it.

Greater ability to adapt to changing circumstances in the midst of this digital era.

What makes this program unique?

This project challenged us to design a program for 2000 leaders instead of the usual 30. Luckily for us, we like a challenge.

In close collaboration with our client, we designed a 6-months learning journey, during which leaders were challenged on their mindset, were taught new skills, and were given the tools to apply learnings in their daily business. Most steps of the journey were designed to be fully digital as per the objectives of this program. To further maximize impact, we designed two in-person events for 1000 people each, followed by a roadshow of live hands-on workshops to translate program insights into what it means for your daily business context.

“Reaching this number of people in such short time with a active, engaging program and not just a one off event is truly challenging, and something that we couldn’t have done without Minkowski”

Head of the digital empowerment department