Embracing change during a global crisis

For a company that was founded more than a century ago and is now operating in 50 countries worldwide in the field of medical and safety technology products, we designed a program for 45 of their leaders.

In a world that was changing rapidly because of the COVID-19 crisis, this program focused on how to embrace change, and develop new capabilities to be ready for the future. Participants participated from locations across Europe and collaborated to uncover what would be possible for the company in a post-pandemic world.

Medical and safety technology product manufacturer

What’s in it for them

Better decision making on how to prepare best for the future and how to implement these decisions more effectively.

Higher satisfaction from individual participants as they experienced firsthand that it was possible to change long held beliefs and habits.

Improved feeling of connection with each other and team spirit in a time when physical connection was impossible.

Development of a futures ready mindset that helps leaders embrace change and adapt faster to changing circumstances.

What makes this program unique?

This program started during the COVID-19 crisis and was first delivered fully online. Because of this, participants learned new forms of online learning and collaboration aside from the leadership- and futures thinking capabilities that were developed at the core of the program. Together with this client we decided to deliver only the last step of our 4-step approach (Awaken, Assess, Accelerate, Activate) in a face-to-face setting as soon as circumstances allowed us to do so. To that extend the group gathered for 3 days in mid 2022 to conclude the program and activate their future(s) together.

“It was very good to meet in person and to go for a
face-to-face 4th step! This had a very positive impact
and made all the work pay off.”

Senior HR-leader