Growing a changing business

In a world that is changing faster than ever before, it is increasingly important to identify both business opportunities and understand what skills and capabilities are required for leadership to cope with and anticipate these changes. This not only requires a new mindset, but it includes different skills and tools that can be applied by the leaders with their teams in daily practice.

For the second year, we are working with a global recruitment and workforce services organization to run their leadership program: a continuous learning journey where theory and practice blend into one approach. In cohorts of 30 people, their leadership is challenged to connect their ambitions and plans to the global strategy in order to grow into a futures-ready organization.

Global recruitment and workforces services

What’s in it for them

Better understanding and embracing of the global strategy, which leads to faster execution and common understanding.

Participants know when to reach to whom and for what in order to collaborate on global challenges.

Established mindset shift in connecting the individual goals to the organization’s strategic goals.

Greater ability to adapt to changing circumstances in the midst of changing workforces industry.

What makes this program unique?

We used our four step approach in the design of this program. We worked closely together with the client to better align this approach with the organization’s tone of voice and challenges, such as: how do they currently operate within the strategy, what do they need in order to best execute their plans, and which stakeholders are key for each of them?

This program consisted of three offline modules, combined with online business coaching in small intervision groups to align the insights of the program with participants’ personal development plans. In this way, we maximized the impact of the program by bridging the gap between program insights and what it means for your daily business context.

“This program has really connected our leaders to our global strategy and helped us set the next step in our growth across the different regions and business units ”

Global Head of People and Culture