The impact of seeing yourself for 15 months

Four skills post-COVID

Future Literacy We would rather say: futures literacy, adding an additional 's' to the word future as there is not just one single future. Or at least, there is not at this moment in time: there are

The beauty of this pandemic

I'm writing this from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where the schools have been closed for at least three weeks and almost everyone is working from home. Only the most vital functions in society are

What is Applied Futures (Thinking)?

The approach we use in our work is called 'applied futures'. The result of this approach is that organizations are able to act now upon what is possible for them in the future. But many of our clients

The challenges of hybrid work

Calling in from home Perhaps you've already had the experience before (maybe even pre-COVID): that you were the only participant in a meeting that was calling in from home. Just think back to what