Three driving forces of a moonshot

Last week we launched Minowski‘s 1000 Moonshots project in Italy during the SingularityU Summit there. To go short: for us a moonshot is a bold idea that can generate solutions for solving world problems. Moonshot thinking is getting more and more known with projects of organizations like Google X and especially in this year, 50 years after landing on the moon, the metaphor of the original moonshot is heard all around. Although there is a strong focus on technology in many moonshots I believe that there are other forces that make it such a powerful way of seeing opportunities in the future. For me moonshots are about passioncreativity and possibility.

Passion: falling in love with the problem

Some of the grandest challenges of humanity seem daunting. I see the messages of people around me, that get depressed about the state of being of the world and get disheartened by the lack of progress we are making. But many of them, a few days later, have found a renewed energy for going ahead with trying to move the needle in the right direction. It doesn’t only take courage to work on big problems, but it also takes a lot of perseverance. We always say, that you have to fall in love with the problem. If you do, you will always keep on searching for solutions and new ideas. Only when you are passionate about a problem, will you continue to work on it. There are many techniques to find your passion. We unlock passion in our practice by combining a gut feeling instinct on a problem with a deep inquiry into why you were triggered to pick that problem. But it is even more import to design for passion after that (more on that perhaps in a later post).

Creativity: with curiosity in mind

To work on the real big issues in society, work or your personal life, you need ‘out-of-this-world’ thinking. It is really difficult if you keep on approaching the problem with a mindset of the past and a vision that is blurred by your (past) negative experiences. That’s why we stimulate people to think from the future and use their successes of the past as guiding principles for the road ahead. Creating an environment for creativity and allowing yourself NOT to fall in love with the first idea that comes to mind is a crucial component of a moonshot mindset. There are so many ways to tackle problems and solve puzzles that you have to keep an open (or perhaps better said: curious) mind and try many approaches and ideas to find the really big and bold ones that could potentially change the world.

Possibility: the art of questions

If you don’t believe things are possible or if you don’t believe that the world can change it becomes very difficult to keep up you energy for a moonshot. Thinking in possibilities is therefor crucial for a moonshot mindset. There are many ways to do this and there are many self-help books written on staying optimistic and believing in yourself. One of the things that we do is to stimulate people to keep asking questions. Yes, you’ll run into roadblocks and there are many challenges big and small that need solutions. But when you keep on asking questions around it, you keep a conversation and the thought process of thinking in possibilities open. So, be inquisitive and experiment with many questions to see where it will take you.

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