Why we are called “Minkowski”

You might wonder where the name Minkowski comes from, and the answer lies in the renowned German mathematician and professor, Hermann Minkowski. Minkowski was one of Einstein’s teachers and made significant contributions to the theory of special relativity.

Minkowski’s most significant contribution was his idea of a four-dimensional space-time, known as Minkowski spacetime. This understanding of space-time theory is the foundation of our approach. Minkowski’s theory illustrated that there is only a cone of possible positions a particle can take in the future, as it cannot move faster than light or go back in time.

Our approach to helping organizations and their leaders become future(s)-ready, is based on this concept. We believe that possibilities in the future are determined by the past and present of your organization. Therefore, there is only a cone of possibilities that you can transform into. We can help you design for this space of possibilities and guide you towards the future you wish to see, by making it actionable!

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