What a dandelion can tell you about your limiting beliefs!

It is not often that a chef is given a stage when it comes to developing and inspiring leadership and innovation… However, why not? Say hi to your limiting beliefs! Becoming future(s) ready involves challenging your limiting beliefs to discover opportunities for the futures! Chef Erling, the culinary chef working with Minkowski, illustrates something similar by means of a dandelion.

What are your beliefs about the dandelion? Have you ever given it much thought? Do you perhaps see it as a weed? Then be prepared to open up to some new possibilities. Because it is much more than that!

Did you know that the dandelion:

  • Is used for medicinal purposes?
  • Can be eaten or used for a cup of tea?


This is just a small illustration and reminder for you to start challenging your own limiting beliefs! Identify new opportunities for the futures, understand what is holding you back to get there, and start making history by changing the future for the better!

When are you going to eat your dandelion salad, or drink your cup of dandelion tea?

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