Meet the team: Sara

Meet the team: Sara

Sara Horvath – Program Manager

In this series of “Meet the team” we will introduce you to all our team members, one by one. This is done by asking a standard set of questions, including the Question for the Future of that month! This time we will introduce you to our Program Manager, Sara Horvath!


Why do you work at Minkowski?

The purpose, the tone of voice , the story and even the logo of Minkowski attracted me! In 3 words: innovation, creativity and the co-creation methodology.


Question for the future: What is your “North Star” and sets your life’s course?

I am a big admirer of buddhism and of its core foundation that everything is (inter)connected. We form a big ecosystem with nature and all beings, and these energies influence each other. Everything is in motion and the art of mindfullness is learning to live and cherish the present moment. I am trying to live like this, being grateful for what I have and the present, respect my surroundings at all times, practice inner-balance and harmony and accept that there will always be some kind of suffering. I am not there yet but practice makes the master, right?


How do you make history by changing the future?

By enabling and accompanying Einsteins around me: at Minkowski within the team, at our clients and even at home by raising one 🙂 but it all starts with myself: continous learning, self reflection and remain flexible to change. I believe that every decision has some kind of effect and also consequence(s). To me, this means that everything that we are doing in the present moment is influencing and defining our tomorrow. The art is to make the right choices by balancing between my intuition and my rational reasoning.


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