DLL - Global Vendor Finance Company

“To disrupt or be disrupted” that is the question. No one understands this better than DLL, the financial solutions partner with over 35 billion euros in assets. They were determined to be on the disruptive side of the equation. This, however, was going to require a major shift in mindset. So we designed a futures-readiness program for their top 300+ executives and co-created a new strategy at the same time.

“The best program I had ran
in my 20 years at DLL”

The program was designed to reshape the company into one of disruptors: that is, people who wake up each morning ready to challenge the status quo and seek better ways to accomplish their company’s ambition. The resulting mind shift among 30% of the participants was fundamental enough for DLL’s CEO to declare the program the most significant and effective one they’d run in his 20-year tenure.

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