Creating a company of disruptors

A disruptor: someone who has a vision, anticipates the future, and embraces the learning moment when something doesn’t work out as planned.

For a financial solutions partner with over 35 billion euros in assets, we designed a futures-readiness program for their 300+ executives and co-created a new strategy simultaneously. The purpose: reshape the organization into one of disruptors. Enable leaders to embrace change, seize opportunities by challenging the status quo and the freedom to innovate, and ultimately seek better ways to accomplish the organization’s ambition.

Global vendor finance company

What’s in it for them

Co-created strategy by all relevant stakeholders throughout the organization creating faster execution and common understanding.

Employees learning new ways for online collaboration and how to work together remotely on strategic challenges.

Established mindset shift in 30% of the participants creating fundamental traction to change the organization from within.

Greater ability to adapt to changing circumstances in the midst of a crisis.

What makes this program unique?

As this program took place during the Covid-19 pandemic, this program was redesigned into a fully digital learning journey. This provided opportunities to track the progress and results of the program in a detailed way, providing the organization with a clear view of the impact the program has generated. Moreover, participants learned to embrace new ways of online collaboration which helped them anticipate the times of sudden change and uncertainty.

“The resulting mindset shift of participants was so fundamental that this was the best program. I had run in my 20 years at the company”

CEO and one of the participants himself