We are Minkowski

Hermann Minkowski was a German mathematician and one of Albert Einstein’s teachers. Nobody knows Minkowski, but everyone knows Einstein. We help organizations to identify what's possible for them in the future (short term and long term), so they can design how to respond to the world changing around them. We are a collective of people that facilitate change for individuals and organizations world wide. We work with associates in our work and have coalitions with various organizations to accelerate the transformation.  

What can our facilitators do for you?

Our facilitators are well trained professionals in applied futures. They have been facilitating sessions for years and are experienced enough to deal with complex situations in settings from boardroom to classroom. The sessions they facilitate can be hosted for a handful of participants or large groups of hundreds of people; can be in-company or public and can be facilitated anywhere in the world.

Transformation partners

We have strong partnerships with key partners in order to accelerate transformation for our clients and be as flexible as possible in our services.