Enabling Transformation

Based on our approach of applied futures thinking we can design a customized program for you that will enable your organization to transform. We don’t determine the future for you, we enable it with you. We design a process, a program or session in co-creation with our clients to ensure that it best fits with their DNA. We help to translate vision into strategy and action and we design a path for transformation that makes you more sustainable for the future.

What can Minkowski do for you?

Our services are always tailored to your specific needs. We will design an approach together with you to guarantee that it fits with your organization and transformation needs. The services below are categories of questions we get asked most.


The new normal is already here. It’s just unevenly distributed.
Our RE:BOOT program helps you to quickly redefine your organization & service in the light of the new normal. With the help of top facilitators & experts, online tools, proven methods, together we will create tangible outcomes on the future of your organization.

Transformation Design

Transformation is about creating a new future and requires a new mind- and skillset, new ways of working and behavioral change. We can help design and facilitate custom programs to transform. We can also help you to assess your transformation readiness and limiting beliefs, and take steps to close any gaps that could pose a threat to the early transformation successes that you need to win the hearts and minds from everybody involved.


Scenario & Strategy Design (2 days)

Exploring the possibilities in the near future for your organization and applying them in your daily practice, starts with developing a rationale for transformation. In a 2-day program we will help you design scenarios and develop a vision for the future of your organization. From this vision we will apply principles of design thinking to strategic planning and turn strategy into an empowering activity for everyone affected by the new future direction.


Recent Examples of our services