Training Capabilities

Hermann Minkowski was Albert Einstein’s teacher. Nobody knows him but everyone knows Einstein. Just like Minkowski we want to enable others to step into the limelight and make history by changing the future. We believe that you can never do this alone. That's why co-creation and collaboration are strong held beliefs of our philosophy. We see 'agency' as the capacity to act in a given environment: our training sessions are aimed at developing those capabilities.

What can we train you in?

Our courses and training sessions are designed for different audiences. We also host in-company courses customized to the specific needs of an organization. Some courses are by invite only, but you can sign up for most of them via our courses page.

RE:SET Leadership Program

The Corona-crisis hit the world overnight. In most parts around the world the impact on our daily lives was never expected to be as big as it turned out to be. We will live in a ‘new normal’ for years to come. The personal (virtual) RE:SET program helps business leaders to reflect on the recent past, learn from the present and develop a new course of action for the future. Click here for more information.


Stories for Change

At the heart of our methodology for transformation sits the development of future scenarios. We use a scenario based reasoning approach to help teams develop a new vision on the future and choose where they want to go in the future. But a scenario doesn’t move people. It’s the story that you tell people and that engages them with you on a path for change that gets people going. In this training we’ll teach you how to develop stories that transform organizations and that can change the world. More information.


Exponential Deep Dives

Exponential trends can have both an incredible positive impact, as well as a devastating power. If the viral spread of COVID-19 teaches us one thing, is that it’s hard for us humans who are linearly wired, to comprehend these exponential trends. Together with SingularityU Benelux , we’ve developed a series of 5 online deepdives for organizations to help navigate these disruptive times. Click here for more information.


Co-creative Innovation

Innovation can no longer be determined by creative people in a room somewhere in the organization. More and more innovation is organized bottom up involving many stakeholders in co-creative sessions. This training, developed in coalition with Mindcraft, merges design thinking with multi-stakeholder conversation and bottom up decision making. You will collaborate with professionals with different business backgrounds. This course runs for 8 weeks: each week will cost you half a day.


Examples of Minkowski trainings