The End of the Fairytale

Cultural Change

Some fundamental challenges in our world have not been solved during the lock-down. As we are in the midst of protests around the world on racism we realize that life is not ‘back to normal’ again. Or perhaps I should say: it shouldn’t go back to normal again as for some many people around the world this ‘normal’ is far from a life they long to go back to. This challenge, if you can even call it that, has been a pandemic that has been raging around the world for centuries and it is not a challenge that we can easily cure by staying inside. The transformation that is needed for this is so fundamental that its wickedly difficult to make steps to a better future for all. It’s a cultural change that will be with us for a long time and that will demand our attention in all levels and sectors of society. Or so I hope…

Economic Change

Then there is the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis. The virus might lay low for a bit, but the real impact of it is yet to be felt for many people. Financial support and economic relief programs have thus far eased some of the pain for a lot of people. Now that the world is restarting, it may seem as if it can recover, but this is also the time where some of the support will fall away. Economically, many businesses and its employees will not have recovered for quite a some time. We are still up for a huge challenge.

We’ve come to the end of the COVID-19 fairy tale. I hear some people around me already saying that they had hoped it would last a little longer as the world out there seems brutal. The question is: what do you do? If you are feeling a bit of relief (even though it might be temporary) this is the time to reset yourself. This is the time to prepare yourself for what is yet to come.

Reset, restart, reboot