The challenges of hybrid work

As the world is unlocking from COVID restrictions everyone is looking forward to getting back to the way things were. We can all still remember what it was like to work 'offline'. We've now also all been to the crash course of working online and we've pretty much nailed that as well. However, the real challenge going forward will not be whether you are going to work online or offline, but how you are going to work hybrid: a form that sits in between but doesn't really mix that well.

Calling in from home

Perhaps you’ve already had the experience before (maybe even pre-COVID): that you were the only participant in a meeting that was calling in from home. Just think back to what that was like. It’s difficult to follow the conversation between the people that are physically present and moreover: they don’t hear you when you’re speaking. In the coming months that will be a new hybrid reality: some will stay at home, while others will meet in the office again. The question is: what practices will you apply to turn those hybrid meetings into an effective and pleasant conversation for all?

Hybrid sessions

In our work at Minkowski we are also slowly returning to hosting physical sessions for our clients. With all the necessary measures in place to this safely, we were sending each other smiley pictures when we were in rooms again with post-its and canvasses filled out on the wall. But immediately we realized that all that material had to be digitized to relay it back to the participants after the session; an activity that last year had already been done on a Miro-board.

Hybridity will probably stay with us, for quite some time and while you might wonder what it will be like to return to the office, also ask yourself what hybrid working and hybrid collaboration will look like for you? This is the time to design for this new form of working together, before you will actually find yourself with a few others on a call that can not be followed, or before you stand in a room full of paper.

What does hybrid collaboration look like for you?