Strategy Design

Based on the Minkowski applied futures strategy, we design a customized program that seamlessly transforms your organization across the board. We don’t decide your future – we activate it with you. Minkowski is convinced that strategy should be a collaborative experience, not just another top-down exercise. We’ll help translate your vision into a strategy that kickstarts your company into action. That starts on the transformation path we’ll help you build, the road to a more sustainable future.

How to design collaborative strategy?

In order to be ready for the future as an organization you have to develop multiple perspectives (we call them scenarios) on your future possibilities. These scenarios guarantee better strategic decisions. Strategy stopped being an activity dictated by the company elite a long time ago. And the world is changing at a breakneck speed, which is why everyone in your organization must be empowered to make strategic decisions when it counts. Every day is strategy day!

Our approach combines strategic outlining methods like Hoshin Kanri and a design thinking mindset to convert strategic directives into a strategic narrative. It’s a narrative that can be shared organization-wide to inspire everyone to face the most pressing challenges head-on – as a team.

Minkowski partners with its leading Field Experts in the Strategy Design Programs to create compelling future scenarios that can be converted into concrete, actionable plans. Tangible outcomes for the direction your company takes in the future? We team up with you, using (e-) tools & proven methods, to make them a reality.

Collaborate with us on your future

If you’re on the lookout for a strategy to match any future and that empowers your business to act, give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll be in touch!


Minkowski strategy program examples