Stories for Change

Minkowski has been working with clients across the world to help them make history by changing the future. Companies we have collaborated with over the past ten years range from small scale-ups to large corporates, colleges and universities. One of the core tools we use in our work is called 'Stories for Change'. We are now sharing this tool for individuals as well, in an online training.      

Program details

Stories for Change is a sense-making exercise that utilizes a back-casting methodology that helps organizations to imagine and plan for their futures by crafting stories that reflect on the past, present and future and that lead to future scenarios. As a participant in this course you’ll learn more about the background of our methodology and you’ll work on developing a scenario and a story. At the end of the course you will be able to do this yourself as well and help your own organization or others make history by changing the future.

This 3 hour introductory training is hosted virtually in a collaborative learning environment. You will be working in small groups using the tool and will get a chance to work on your own scenario. Upon signing up we will ask you to share your preferred change for the future so we can accommodate various themes to explore during the training. Every participant receives a copy of the Stories for Change booklet with various scenarios companies have created in the past with us.

Topics of this training

Futures thinking, back casting, storytelling, design thinking, narrative structure, reasoning, the power of persuasion, non judgmental feedback.


Interested to participate? Drop us a mail at and we’ll be in touch!