The Corona-crisis hit the world overnight. In most parts around the world the impact on our daily lives was never expected to be as big as it turned out to be. The RE:SET Leadership program helps business leaders to reflect on the recent past, learn from the present and develop a new course of action for the future.  

Program details

The RE:SET leadership program facilitates people in leadership positions and helps them to learn from the past few months and craft new strategic plans for themselves and their organizations for the months to come. You will be part of a cohort of a maximum of 8 participants. The participants are all peers of you in similar positions. Learning from each other’s experiences forms an integral part of the program.

This leadership program is hosted virtually and has 4 modules. Each module contains an online meeting of approximately 2 hours. Before each module you get specific assignments to develop a clear perceptive on the past, the present and the future.

Module 1. Leadership lessons

In the first week we will focus our attention on the past few weeks to allow you to reflect on what happened in your personal and professional lives and the way you led your team or organization during this time. The objective is to capture the most important lessons and insights of this past period, so we can thereafter clear our minds for the present situation and the future.

Module 2. Reset to the Present

In the second week we will reflect on the present ‘as the new starting point’ of your team and/or organization. We will help you to address choices or dilemma’s you are facing in adapting your business to the current and future reality. Your peers will inspire you during this step to develop actionable insights.

Module 3. Anticipating the Future

In the third week we will take a leap into the future to explore what is possible for your organization and to identify what that means for your leadership. We will use proven methodology for future scanning. You develop a strategic and personal plan based on the ‘new normal’ for your business.

Module 4. Operating the Now

Finally we will help you to prepare for the now: what needs to be done today to activate the future you have explored? How can you successfully engage all stakeholders? How can your peers in this cohort support you and what is the best system for resilience for everyone.


    If you're interested in participating in the next RE:SET edition, please leave your details here and we'll be in touch soon.