Making History

Over the years, we’ve collaborated with all kinds of organizations worldwide, as a group and on an individual basis. Every project is about empowering people to make history by changing the future. Organizations change at their own pace. That means that what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. Check out some examples of Minkowski’s recent work to discover what we’ve been up to. Please reach out to learn more about what we do and explore how we could make your business futures ready.

Some of our projects


Omniversum | Scenario Design

The digital revolution is here. And that’s why Omniversum, the only Dutch IMAX Dome Theater, is on the path to transformation. On the quest for a new future-proof mission and vision, we designed a multi-stakeholder program to reposition the theater to reach new audiences, drafted a positioning statement, and developed a ten-year investment strategy. The outcome of the exercise went toward securing Omniversum’s future development and investment budget. Among others, we used future radar, technological future horizons, stories for change, strategy design, scenario design, and business model canvas to help them make history.

Participants: 12 | Length: 2 days


Eventbrite | Strategy Design

Loads of organizations have embraced “Data is the new oil” as their mantra. That’s especially true of companies that operate in the digital domain. However, the big question is less about the data you have (although that’s important too) and more about what you do with that data. We helped Eventbrite by co-designing and facilitating a one-day program. It inspired the executive team to develop a company data strategy co-creatively. To make that happen, we used future radar, deep-dive, project ideation, story for change, and strategy design.

Participants: 16 | Length: 1 day


SingularityU Italy | Moonshot thinking

This time around, we were faced with running a moonshot thinking workshop for the audience of the SingularityU Italy Summit. The organizers wanted to step things up and give the audience a more meaningful experience than the usual inspiration provided at similar events. We designed the set-up for three separate sessions during the event and developed a web app for mass collaboration by participants. Among others, we relied on moonshot thinking, design thinking, 2nd generation futures, and deep dives. While you’re at it, why not visit 1,000 Moonshots for more?

Participants: 700 | Length: 3 times 25 minutes


Grant Thornton NL | Business Modeling

Grant Thornton Netherlands asked us to help create new AI-Driven solutions for the business (in-house) and their clients. Responding to their call, we designed and delivered a 1.5-day pressure cooker. We started by using it to assess the challenges ahead, followed up by helping the teams build business models for the selected potential solutions. These solutions were presented to the board, and some are now being developed in greater detail and launched on the market.

Participants: 45 | Length: 2 days

UNStudio | Strategy Design

As one of the world’s leading architectural design companies UNStudio is continuously future-proofing the future with their work. They are a highly collaborative company and the management team is always working closely together with a group of long-term directors and associate directors. We designed a program for this senior leadership group to translate strategy into action collaboratively. Tools used a.o.: strategy design, roadmapping, design thinking, question driven design.

Participants: 18 | Length: 1 day


SIKA | Innovation Challenge

For SIKA, we co-created the Global Innovation Challenge: a program to transform participants into future innovation and impact leaders. Cross-functional teams all over the world participated together in this 3-month online program. The program consisted of a full transformation process: from translating your purpose into action, working on real-life innovation projects, all the way to personal development. Tools used a.o. Design Questions, Stakeholder Mapping, Wheel of Reasoning, Business Model Canvas, Experiment Canvas.

Participants: 40 | Length: 5 months


Nestlé Purina | Co-creating Futures

One of the most crucial steps for change and transformation is to DO it. It sounds easy enough, but very often organizations get stuck in the phase of just thinking and visioning and they forget to get to action and learn from the activation of change by co-creating the future. For Nestlé Purina we designed an innovation expedition to help them understand the innovation ecosystem and translate their design challenges for the future into tangible pilot projects that they could start executing in co-creation with start-ups and scale-ups. Tools used a.o. visual thinking, design thinking, innovation design, ideation, empathy mapping.

Participants: 10 | Length: 2 modules of each 2 days


DLL | Customized Programs for Transformation

Disrupt or be disrupted – that is the question… If anyone knows how important that question is, then it’s got to be financial solutions partner DLL. And they are determined to be on the disruptive side of solutions. However, making that leap requires a new company mindset. We designed a program for DLL’s 300 top executives to train them in agile leadership. That equipped them to deal with a world that’s in constant flux and helped them develop the right skills to become a company of disruptors. Among others, DLL benefited from an inquiry cafe, scenario-based reasoning, stories for change, and strategy design.

Participants: 300 | Length: 15 months


SingularityU The Netherlands | Leadership transformation

It’s not hard to get overwhelmed by the snowball effect of tech developments; the key is to embrace change and explore how these developments could impact you as a person and future leader. What’s more, it’s about having courage and gaining the tools needed to improve yourself, your team, and your company. We designed and facilitated a program that used the effects of technology to inspire participants and challenged them to ask the right questions so that they could attribute meaning to cutting-edge developments. This session relied on visual thinking, World Café, scenario-based reasoning, storytelling, and ideation.

Participants: 50 | Length: 3 days


Coburn Ventures | Customized Programs for Transformation

Every gathering that Coburn hosts is all about monumental change meets business and investing. The frameworks they’ve developed over the years help participants understand major global changes, empowering them to become better at what they do. Over the years, Minkowski has co-designed and facilitated multiple online and in-person gatherings, ranging from small off-site affairs in cities across Europe to large gatherings in major metropolises such as New York. World Café, scenario-based reasoning, 5xWhy, ideation, and many different change frameworks are used to make these customized transformation programs successful.

Participants: 10-200 | Length: 2-3 days


KPN ICT Consulting | Co-creation Design

The world is changing dramatically, and the consultant’s role is changing with it. Co-creativity has pivoted to become the leading approach. We designed a training program for groups of 10 to 15. The objective? To discover new types of visioning, strategizing, and designing in a master program. Ultimately, the master program is intended to disseminate futures thinking throughout the company and transform the first students into teachers. Visual thinking, world café, scenario-based reasoning, strategy outlining, lean testing, agile approaches, and service design were all employed to enhance the experience.

Participants: 20 | Length: 5 days over the course of a month


Dräger | Leadership Program

In co-creation with Dräger we designed the 9-month online Changing Face of Leadership Program. Participants across Europe participated in the program to become leaders of the future. Through combining inspiration with actionable tools and insights, participants learned to reason their way back from the future by translating your learnings into objectives for the now. The program aimed to build trust; create value for the customers; enable others; provide direction; embrace diversity and deliver results in a VUCA world.

Participants: 30 | Length: 6 months


Learn Do Share | Co-creating Futures

Learn Do Share is a global grassroots innovation engine developed and run by Columbia University. It was inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s design challenge to make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest time possible, through spontaneous cooperation, without harming the environment or disadvantaging anyone. Minkowski has co-designed and facilitated several social innovation labs and storytelling prototypes to contribute to that challenge. Just a few of the tools we use include scenario-based reasoning, world cafe, ideation, prototyping, and design sprints.

Participants: 20-100 | Length: 1-3 days