Cone of Possibility

We always start from the future and work our way back. Where you end up over time is determined by your past (heritage and company DNA) and your present (skills, capabilities, and resources). We call this approach “applied futures”. We use tools and methods that help you translate your ideas about the future into something tangible, that you can implement in your business today. Our applied futures method is based on Hermann Minkowski’s “cone of possibility” underpinned by a 4-step transformation philosophy.    

How to map your possibilities?

Our strategy is based on Hermann Minkowski’s ideas. This late 19th-century German mathematician was Albert Einstein’s teacher, and he proved that Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity should be understood as a theory of four-dimensional spacetime. That concept is known as Minkowski spacetime. Minkowski showed how a particle’s potential path is limited to certain positions within the cone of possibility (i.e., it cannot move faster than light or go back in time). We apply this concept to where our clients are now to empower them to identify future possibilities based on the causality of past and present. We can help you design that space to maximize your organization’s prospects.

Four steps to activate the future

    1. The first step to organizational transformation happens when employees learn to look at the future from a new perspective. We call that step “awaken”. Why? Because looking at the world through the lens of possibility is often a wake-up call. It’s like seeing everything for the very first time.
    2. In the next step, we challenge an organization’s limiting beliefs and foster confidence that change and transformation are possible. We call this “assess” because it’s on the outer edges of the cone of possibility that you can gauge how your organization needs to change to achieve its ambitions.
    3. Step three is called “accelerate”. Once you’ve got a solid belief in the future and you’ve overcome what’s holding you back, your organization can speed up for transformation.
    4. Lastly, it’s time to “activate” the future by implementing the actions designed to take you down the road toward a more sustainable end. Minkowski empowers you to take every step of this journey.


Activate your future with us

Intrigued to find out how applied futures can be activated in your organization? Give us a call or contact us by email for a more in-depth conversation on how Minkowski can help you transform your possibilities.