Futures Readiness

We see 'agency' as the capacity to act in a given environment. From that perspective, that means that anyone can take the lead in an organization and create new futures. Leadership isn’t limited to a company’s elite, in our opinion, and that’s why our training sessions are for everyone. It’s about getting everybody – the whole team – ready for the future. Our leadership approach is based on hundreds of interviews with thought leaders, experts, and scientists. The result is a framework of 21 capacities that we’ve dubbed “future readiness”.    

Getting ready for the future

The Minkowski Futures Readiness Framework is based on three levels of intervention: mindset, skillset, and toolset. These levels all feature in our customized programs; however, they can be individually prioritized to a lesser or greater extend, depending on your objectives and learning goals.

The three intervention levels are paired with seven different perspectives on the future and the critical capabilities required to be ready for the future. There’s no way to predict the future, but it’s still possible to be ready for it! During the leadership programs, we share insights and practical life lessons on change dynamics, systems thinking, impact making, design thinking, organizational structure, continuous learning, and thriving cultures.


Train your leaders with us

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