Creating better futures

Two weeks ago, we organized a first MeetUp on how to purposefully guide your organization towards a better future. Participants shared their insights, which resulted in valuable conversations.

One of the participants rightfully observed, “You cannot change others, but you can bring about change in others”. As an individual in an organization, it is essential to have a clear view of where you want to go and to stand up for these beliefs.

At the same time, having an idealized future vision could well be “The most important mistake to get your organization moving. True sustainable change should be built by looking at what you already have and how you can use these forces.” This means accepting that the idealized future could change because of interactions with others. Such vulnerability is precisely what is often lacking in larger organizations that are driven by status, fear, and vested interests.

Change is a challenge that asks for “A deep personal involvement with peer-to-peer communication instead of top-down execution.”

Do you want to join our next conversation? Then click here. Please note that the MeetUp will be in Dutch.