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Singularity University was founded in Silicon Valley as a non-profit by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil in 2008. In 2016 the first international subsidiary in the Netherlands opened its doors in Eindhoven. At SingularityU future leaders are guided to create a lasting impact. The organization strives to help executives leverage the convergence of exponential technologies and set them on a path to solving the world’s most pressing issues by shifting from an era of scarcity to an era of abundance.

“Minkowski's programs are personal, open, energetic and safe spaces
for people to reimagine and recreate their organization and lives.”

We’ve been a partner to SingularityU in Europe and have facilitated all of the executive programs that run in the Benelux. Over the years we’ve helped many companies together with SingularityU to embrace the possibilities exponential technologies have to offer. In custom programs we function as learning designers and lead facilitators ensuring that the organization’s goal matches the content Singularity has to offer and vice versa. This has led to realizing the most impactful in-company programs Singularity offers to their clients.

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