Some of our thinking

How are we seeing the future today? What are our beliefs about the world? How are we thinking about current changes and what are we doing to make a change? We share insights about our work regularly all across the web. About what we've done and on how we have designed (elements) of our programs for what purpose. We hope that this collection of thoughts and conversations inspires many people around the world to start shaping the world and future around them.
Strategy Design | Minkowski: Agency for Applied Futures

Strategy = a design process

An important element in our approach to help organizations map their possibilities in the future is a process in which the organization designs a strategy. We facilitate this process of strategy design as part of a step to accelerate towards the present (see this previous post about the 4 steps to apply the future). It is not a process of logic reasoning (as is custom in many strategic planning approaches) ...
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Cone of Possibilty | Minkowski: Agency for Applied Futures

Backwards into the future, or forwards to the present?

One of my New Year's resolutions is to launch a few (writing) projects (I've tried this before with various degrees of perseverance by the way). One of them is about the Lessera, the other is to share more of the methods we use at Minkowski to apply the future to the present. Some of you have told me to write that up in a book, but I'm parking that idea for the moment as ...
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