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How are we seeing the future today? What are our beliefs about the world? How are we thinking about current changes and what are we doing to make a change? We share insights about our work regularly all across the web. About what we've done and on how we have designed (elements) of our programs for what purpose. We hope that this collection of thoughts and conversations inspires many people around the world to start shaping the world and future around them.
From Best Practice to the Next Practice | Minkowski: Agency for Applied Futures

From best practice to next practice

Transformation of organizations might be one of the most difficult things to do. Complex systems (like an organization) have a tendency to be very resilient. Which means that they revert back to an old stable state quickly; or the force needed to disrupt and change the system has to be very big. In order to break that resilience and have a system transform you can do two things: hit it ...
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Kickstart for a succesfull meeting

Kickstart for a successful meeting

In a few weeks the end of the summer holiday is coming, which means that you are all getting back to work again. As a last republished post in this summer series I thought it would be helpful to translate the one on how you can start a meeting and make the outcome more successful as a result of that start. You can not keep on using this one, so ...
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Designing for Collaboration | Minkowski: Agency for Applied Futures

How to start collaboration: the power of questions

A famous quote from Confucius reads: “the man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.” Iâ've always liked that quote, but I think thereâ's even more to a question than just getting smarter. Because for me, collaboration almost always starts with a question. I think I spend 80% of my time preparing for a session on ...
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Future Proof - Futures Ready | Minkowski: Agency for Applied Futures

‘Future proof’ means ‘not ready for the future’

Adapting to change The future is always changing. Whether you like it or not: change is a constant. As the future can not be predicted, the best way to prepare for a future is to embrace the possibilities that lie ahead of you. In our work at Minkowski we help organizations map these possibilities in a so-called 'cone of possibilities'. The basic idea behind this, is that you explore what ...
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Designing for Collaboration | Minkowski: Agency for Applied Futures

Without empathy there is no collaboration

The other week I was asked to talk about collaboration at a company with a group of architects. They were trying to cross the boundaries of their siloâ'ed departments more often in an attempt to become more innovative. Theyâ'd tried many things but none of them really stuck. One of the reasons for this, as my friend Maria so nicely explained to me before, is because (company) culture is a ...
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Complexity Curve | Minkowski: Agency for Applied Futures

Facilitate don’t participate

Over the last few years, ever since I first published this article, people have asked me over and over again to write a translation of it in English. Better late than never! As I was preparing for my summer holiday break I thought I'd republish and translate some articles from before. Here's a first translated article about a golden rule that I hold dear in my work and that is ...
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Moonshot Thinking: Public Spaces from the Futures

How to: moonshot thinking in a crisis

Many organizations are in survival mode after the corona-crisis has almost put the entire world to a stop. During such times of uncertainty and extreme volatility it gets very hard to focus on the long term. The present is for most organizations most pressing at this moment in order to stay alive and to try to control the damage. 'Moonshot thinking' as a business practice to identify where you want ...
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Agency for Transformation |

Nobody knows Minkowski, but everyone knows Einstein

At Minkowski we always say: "nobody knows Minkowski, but everyone knows Einstein". We use this statement as an illustration for something that is at the core of who we are and what we hope to accomplish in our work. Our work is not about us, it is about the people we help and work with. And we believe that our work can only be successful (help organizations with transformation) when ...
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Virtual Workshop: Public Spaces from the Futures

The effects of virtual closeness and physical distancing

A fascinating thing is taking root in our societies these days. For years we've heard complaints about people loosing touch with the localities they live in while taking refuge in (sometimes extreme) online environments. It was often said that nobody knows their neighbor anymore, but that everyone could find like minded people online creating these virtual echo-chambers of opinion and populism. I think that the corona-virus will eventually have a ...
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