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How are we seeing the future today? What are our beliefs about the world? How are we thinking about current changes and what are we doing to make a change? We share insights about our work regularly all across the web. About what we've done and on how we have designed (elements) of our programs for what purpose. We hope that this collection of thoughts and conversations inspires many people around the world to start shaping the world and future around them.
Fall in love with the problem, not the idea |

Fall in love with the problem, not the idea

As part of our work we help people to think big and be bold and courageous to step into a new future and change the(ir) world. You might think that this means that you have to come up with a grand idea and follow that dream always. But it is actually the opposite: you have to find a big problem and work on solving that by all means necessary. We always say: ...
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Data the New Oil? | Minkowski: Agency for Applied Futures

What if data is becoming the new oil?

Last week I had a brainstorm with a great group of thinkers from the investment world on ESG related investment practices and ideas. The focus in ESG is very often on the 'E' of environmental, and not so much on the 'S' for social and 'G' for governance. In one of the debates I had, we zoomed in on the social aspect of sustainable investing and wondered whether we could ...
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Moonshot Session | Minkowski: Agency for Applied Futures

Three driving forces of a moonshot

Last week we launched Minowski's 1000 Moonshots project in Italy during the SingularityU Summit there. To go short: for us a moonshot is a bold idea that can generate solutions for solving world problems. Moonshot thinking is getting more and more known with projects of organizations like Google X and especially in this year, 50 years after landing on the moon, the metaphor of the original moonshot is heard all around. Although there is a strong focus on technology ...
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Applied Creativity | Minkowski: Agency for Applied Futures

What is applied creativity?

I'm starting a new writing project on applied creativity. Many organizations and individuals contact us at Minkowski for help in mapping their possibilities in the future. It is not that we tell them what those possibilities are for them. Neither are we able to predict the future, no one can. But what we are able to do, is to help them think in possibilities (rather than in what doesn't work; or in ...
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Four skills post-COVID

Future Literacy We would rather say: futures literacy, adding an additional 's' to the word future as there is not just one single future. Or at least, there is not at this moment in time: there are multiple possible paths going into the future. Imagining and dissecting these paths to identify what the crucial stepping stones are to create the future you want to see, is core to our methodology ...
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Transformation is impossible… or not?

In the projects I'm involved in at Minkowksi I usually run into two kinds of people. There are those who believe they can change the world (or less ambitious variations of change) and that the companies they work for can change. And then there are those who don't believe that (big) companies can change and transform. They believe that whatever is, just is and you should focus your energy in other places. The dialectical ...
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1000 Moonshots Workshop | Minkowski - Agency for Applied Futures

1000 Moonshots

This week we're launching a new initiative of Minkowski called '1000 moonshots'. We believe that we need some more unconventional thinking to solve some of the world's most urgent problems. Moonshot thinking is a widely known approach to aim high and develop bold ideas that can impact the world. There are many examples out there of great moonshots and Google has even set up its own Moonshot Factory. But we wanted ...
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The greatest story ever told

Years ago I sat down with John Petersen who is a futurist and has great experience in futures thinking. He told me the story of the welcoming home party of the astronauts of the Apollo Program. I have no other sources that can confirm this story, but that doesn't even matter. The story itself is a crucial element in our work with clients when we help them to design a path for ...
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More impactful off sites, strategy days, brainstorms and meetings

For many of you the summer holiday break is coming up. In a few weeks time when you get back from your break you will all feel re-energized and ready to jump back into things at work. In our experience a lot of organizations start planning for their offsites (big and small) soon after the summer has ended. It is a time to formulate plans for the end of the ...
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